Finally - An Ordering App That Doesn't Charge Commission!

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Commission Free!

As business owners ourselves, we understand that the commissions charged by most delivery platforms make it impossible to run your business at a profit!

That is why we invented Loop - the first ordering app that doesn't charge a commission.

We charge a flat fee per month per business. It doesn't matter how many orders you take!

*The only transaction fee is the credit card fee charged by Stripe or Paypal

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Your Brand. Your Customers.

Unlike most ordering apps, where your brand is competing with thousands of others, we're doing things a little differently.

After you invite your customers to the app, they will see your business on their home screen. If you have multiple venues - we make it easy to promote them all to your customers.

If customers want to add other businesses to the app, they will need to add them manually by searching for them by name. They will never see a directory of all the other businesses like they do on other platforms.

This provides a more customised experience for the user, and protects your brand and your customers from being exposed to competitors.

Protect Your Customers

Did you know that many other platforms sell your customers to competing businesses through their advertising options?

With us, your customer data is your own (we will never use it or sell it) and we will give you full access to all your customers' information which you can download at any time.

Create Your Online Store in Minutes!

Are you frustrated by how annoying it is to upload or modify your products in current online ordering solutions?

Our business dashboard makes adding, modifying, and deleting items a breeze!

Join us now and start creating your shop immediately!

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What About Delivery?

With delivery - you have a number of options.

If you've got extra staff, you can always send them out to do the deliveries themselves, offering a personal touch for your customers.

Alternatively, we've partnered with Drive Yello who offer a streamlined and professional delivery service at very reasonable rates.

Customers can choose from either take away or delivery in the app, and you can choose which areas you cover and how much the delivery fees will be (so you don't pay a cent!)

Create a Win-Win with Your Customers.

Through our app, you can offer your customers referral reward tokens for every friend that they invite to order from your business.

Just set up either a fixed amount or a percentage commission, and whenever your customer refers a friend who places an order, they'll receive reward tokens instantly through the app.

The tokens can only be used for their next order from you - so, as we like to say here at Loop, "what goes around, comes around!"

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Mobile App Coming Soon to Google Play & App Store

What people are saying...

Who Are We?

Our team is made up of entrepreneurs and restaurant owners in Melbourne. Our restaurant, Vamos, is located in Brunswick St. Fitzroy (previously in Little Bourke St.)

After struggling for years with the ridiculous fees charged by platforms such as Ubereats and Menulog, we decided to create our own solution. Especially during COVID - we understand that it's now more important than ever for restaurants to have access to great tools at a great price.

Fun Facts:

Mobile Payments

The use of mobile payments is set to become the second most common payment method after debit cards by 2022.

Customised Apps

52% of people trust a restaurant’s own branded app more than third-party food portal apps.


45% of consumers say that offering mobile ordering or loyalty programs would encourage them to use online ordering services more often.


80% of customers have searched for a restaurant on their smart phone. In fact, customers search for restaurants on their mobile phones more than anything else.

Mobile Loyalty

42% of millennials prefer loyalty schemes with mobile payments.

More Sales

50% of restaurant mobile queries result in a purchase.

More Customers

60% of restaurant operators say that offering delivery has generated incremental sales.

More Frequency

Customers who place an online order with a restaurant will visit that restaurant 67% more frequently than those who don’t.