A Mobile Wallet with Built-In Loyalty and Rewards for Your Business.


We help with the following:

More New Customers

Marketing is getting more and more expensive as platforms like Google and Facebook get more saturated. We provide a whole new way to get new customers which won't break the bank!

More Return Customers

It's 5 times cheaper to get an old customer back than to get a new customer. Our platform incentivises your customers to come back more often, and to spend more money when they do!

More Social Exposure

By incentivising your customers to help create great social media content for your business, and promote it on their social channels, you can increase your social media exposure at almost no extra cost!

Cross Promotion with Partners

Easily do cross promotions with other compatible businesses and influencers to benefit from each other's audiences. Reduce advertising costs and run shared ad campaigns that benefit all!

For All Industries:


Sports and Fitness


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A New Way to Pay!

Our app can be used by customers to pay either in the app itself, or directly at your business.

By simply scanning a QR code or an NFC chip, customers can both pay and receive or redeem their rewards all in one go.

In-App Shopping and Rewards!

Whether you're a restaurant selling food, a retail store selling products, or a gym selling fitness classes, with our in-app shop you can both sell your products AND reward your customers at the same time!

Offer a range of both tangible rewards such as merchandise or products as well as a range of intangible rewards such as exclusive experiences!

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Reward Your Loyal Customers!

We have a range of ways you can reward your most loyal customers:

- Referring friends
- Shopping more often
- Spending more
- Creating great social content for you
- And a range of other options...

On average, repeat customers spend 67% more than new customers. Increasing customer retention by just 5% can boost profits by 25 to 95 percent!

Join a network of like-minded businesses and influencers

Why pay for advertising to get new customers when you can join with other businesses and influencers and partner with them in a way that benefits everyone?

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More Than Just a Reward Point

The advantages of our digital tokens over traditional rewards points are many:

Network Effects

Businesses can work together by sharing a single token, making them stronger than they would be on their own.

Easy Analytics

All transactions are tracked and stored transparently, making it possible to perform powerful tracking and analytics.

Redeemed from QR codes

QR codes can be used to store tokens that can be redeemed simply by scanning them.

Sent to Friends and Family

Our tokens can easily be sent from one person's account to another's, spreading your brand amongst friends and family.

Mobile App Coming Soon to Google Play & App Store

Who Are We?

Our team is made up of entrepreneurs, restaurant owners, software developers, and AFL players, right here in Melbourne, Australia. Our restaurant, Vamos, is located in Brunswick St. Fitzroy (previously in Little Bourke St.)

After struggling for years with the ridiculous fees charged by platforms such as Ubereats and Menulog, we decided to create our own solution. Especially during COVID - we understand that it's now more important than ever for restaurants to have access to great tools at a great price.