Your Community. Your Currency.

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Social networks, financial institutions, and many other "middle men" get between you and the businesses you love and make millions from both of you.

We're here to change that.

We Are Working With Great Brands:

Currencies should be for the people.

Once upon a time, local communities had their own currencies. People shopped with each other and kept the value in their local area.

Then banks and governments came along and changed everything - taking control of our money and doing things their way.

We're here to change that.

Using blockchain (the same technology as Bitcoin) Loop helps create currencies for your favourite brands and communities - allowing you to pay the businesses directly and for them to reward you in return.

Group 12-2

It's not just banks and governments that are the problem.

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, UberEats, Google, and Ebay have changed our lives.

However - there is a reason many of them are now the richest companies in the world: because we're all paying them, all the time, whether we know it or not!

Every business who has to pay one of these companies to reach customers (even their own followers) passes these costs on to their customers (that's you!)

Instead of letting these businesses monetize your data, your contacts, and your friends, we help you to control your own data and your own networks - and get rewarded in return.

Get your friends or followers into the Loop!

Did you know that the best way you can help the businesses you love most is by referring your friends or followers?

That way they don't need to pay for marketing, and can instead pass the savings on to you!

Loop creates a win-win-win situation.

You invite your friends or followers to try a business and that business will reward you in their digital currency for every person who visits!

Are you an influencer or have a large audience? Earn great, ongoing referral commissions from all the amazing businesses in our network.

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What goes around, comes around.

Our businesses and communities use their currencies (or tokens as we call them) not just for referring friends, but for all sorts of other things as well:

- Incentivising you to visit more often
- To celebrate your birthday
- To run competitions
- To encourage you to visit partner businesses
- Etc.

At Loop, we're blurring the lines between businesses and their customers. The more you help them, the more they'll help you.

Because, as we like to say here at Loop, what goes around, comes around!

Spend, Send, Save or Swap.

Just like with the regular kind of money, the tokens that you earn have four uses: spend, send, save or trade!

To spend, you'll be able to do that right with the businesses where you earned them in the first place (or with other businesses in their network or region). Simply pay with the app, and your tokens will go towards paying the bill.

Want to send your tokens to a friend? Just type in their username and send them instantly.

If you want to save your tokens for a rainy day, just leave them where they are and use them when you're ready!

Want to swap them for tokens from another business on our network - we allow you to do just that!

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The Core of Loop's Technology.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies were once only for nerds, hackers and criminals, but that has changed.

The beauty of blockchain technology is its decentralised nature. Instead of one company (Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc.) owning the rights and access to the data and its underlying network - blockchain allows everyone to own the network, and for businesses and individuals to give access to their data as they see fit.

This fundamentally changes the way that value is created and stored - making it more open, transparent, and free.

By the people, for the people.

We are the Loop.

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LOOP tokens form the core of our platform. LOOP tokens are used for referral commissions as well as spending rewards. 

As our network of businesses grows, more and more businesses will accept LOOP. LOOP tokens will also be tradable on major cryptocurrency exchanges. 

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