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What is the problem?

Existing social platforms such as Facebook charge businesses even to reach their own audiences.

On top of that, if they want to reach a new audience (for example, an audience created by another business), then they must pay, but none of that money actually goes to businesses or users who were responsible for creating that audience in the first place.

Our platform rewards all participants in a fair way (based on their contribution to the platform) and allows businesses to partner with each other to mutually benefit from each other's audiences, without all the money going to the "middle man".

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blockchain network

Token Creation

Any business, club, organisation, or community can create their own tokens easily on our network. For example, Melbourne restaurants can create a MELBOURNE token.

Tokens act as a form of digital currency. They can be sent to and received by anyone on the network who has our digital wallet.

Tokens allow organisations to create their own micro-economies, keeping the value in the organisation or network.

blockchain network

Who owns the customer data?

Data has been called "digital gold" and is now more valuable than oil.

Companies such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon have amassed fortunes by exploiting and selling people's data.

Even some smaller platforms, such as restaurant booking aggregators, take your customer's data and use it for their own purposes.

With our platform, this is not the case.

Your customers are yours, and we will not sell them to other businesses.

Not only that - but we have turned this paradigm on its head - and our platform allows you to share your customers with other businesses in return for them sharing their customers with you.

This means that you can get even more value out of your customers, and get more customers in return.

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How does this work?

Because every user and every transaction is stored on our blockchain, then it is very easy for you to track.

This means that if you share your customers with a network of other businesses, it's very easy to track the value that each business is giving to the network (how much their customers are spending at other venues), and how much they are getting from the network (how much other people's customers are spending at their venue).

With this information, our system can automatically adjust the exposure that each business gives to one another's customers, to produce a system that is fair.

If one business is giving a lot of value to the network through their customers, it's only fair that they get a lot of value back.

If another business is not providing much value, then their exposure to the network will be limited and they will not receive the benefits of the platform.

Blockchain network

About our blockchain technology

Our blockchain is built on EOSIO, one of the fastest, highest performing enterprise grade blockchains ever created.

It is capable of over 10,000 TPS (transactions per second) and is highly secure.

Our mobile wallets allow for users to store their own private keys, or alternatively to leave the key custody up to us.

In the future, our wallet will also be compatible with other cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, EOS, and more.

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