Would you like to make more money from your audience?

We have created a WIN-WIN-WIN platform – allowing influencers to get paid an ongoing referral commission from great brands and businesses every time one of their followers shops there.

Earning Referral Commissions


All of our great venues around Australia offer referral commissions to influencers who help to promote them. 

They do this because it’s cheaper for a venue to pay a referral commission than it is for them to pay for advertising. Facebook, Google, and Instagram ads have become far too expensive for most businesses to afford.  

Each venue sets their own rate, but usually it’s between 5-25% of the total amount spent. Some venues only offer this on the first visit, but others offer it for EVERY visit thereafter – creating an ongoing revenue stream for their influencers.


How much can you earn? 

If you have 50K followers and create an Insta post that even just 1% of people respond to by visiting the restaurant or shop, each of whom spends $100, then this is what you can earn: 

50,000 x 1% = 500 of your followers who visit the business

500 people x $100 spend per person = $50,000 total that they spend at that business. 

$50,000 x 10% referral commission = $5,000 commission that is yours! 

That is what you could earn from that one post with an engaged audience of people! 

And, if that business offers ongoing commissions as well, then you could continue to earn from that post for as long as your followers remain customers there. 

Of course, results will vary depending on the venue, the average spend, and your audience, however this is designed to create a win-win-win situation for the businesses, the influencers, and also the customers. 

Influencers – earn money from every referral

Businesses – only pay when they get actual customers, and pay less than they’d pay for regular digital advertising

Customers – get a discount on their purchases by using your referral code

WIN-WIN-WIN. Keeping it in the LOOP! 

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